Karibu/ Welcome

Welcome to The Kageno (Kah-gay-no) Kids Website. We hope you enjoy spending time looking through our site, and invite you to return often as we will continuously update and add interesting things.

A lot of really great accomplishments happen daily at our Kageno Kenya and Kageno Rwanda project sites, and the Kageno Kids in Africa and the USA are very busy helping to make it all happen. In fact, this entire web site is designed with art from the Kageno Kids Program.

The Kageno Kids Art and Cultural Exchange is an outreach program from Kageno Worldwide (www.kageno.org). Kageno transforms communities suffering from inhumane poverty into places of hope. Kageno Kids focuses on the children living within those communities, and in ours.

Thank you for visiting.

Frank C. Andolino,Kageno Worldwide Executive Director
Jayne Hinds Bidaut,Kageno Kids Project Director