Kageno Kids Art Gallery - Photograms


When we began our Photography Program in the summer of 06, we started at the most logical place... at the beginning. The Cyanotype Photogram is one of the first photographic process in the history of photography. These are done simply by laying objects directly on the sensitized paper and exposing to sun light.

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As you can see in these photograms, Kagenos reforestation project is having success. Before Kageno came to Kolunga beach, there were not many trees left. People were having to cut them and use them for firewood to cook with as there is no electricity or gas. They also have to get all their water from the lake.

There is a lot of different things the Kageno Kids learn from making these photograms. The kids learn to look at their environment and the things in it a different way.

Trash (Taka Taka) Laying about becomes something different, and something to actually notice. The Omena on the beach that are drying on the nets from the previous nights catch, become shapes swimming in the blue again, discarded fish spines become a beautiful and interesting form.

You can also notice the very special quality of light there because Rusinga is located on the equator. This light is strong enough to expose the paper when it is at an extreme angle. We are even able to successfully make exposures rite before the sun goes down! In most places in the world the sun is best for photograms when it is directly overhead.

Through the magic of this photographic process, the kids are able to witness first hand that there are chemicals and things going on within them that are unseen. And this knowledge and insight can lead to better care of the environment and prevention of the sicknesses and disease that can be controlled by knowing how these unseen things work.

So as you can see, Art is not only exciting and fun, it actually helps.