Tour Kageno Kenya

Where is the Kageno in Kenya?
The Kageno project site in Kenya is located on the continent of Africa in the country of Kenya. Kenya is in eastern Africa, and the Kageno Kenya project is located on an island in Lake Victoria called Rusinga. The Kageno project site benefits the whole island, but the project site is located near the shore in a village called Kolunga.


Before Kageno was here, The children of Kolunga Beach were extremely sick from MANY things. Because of Kageno, many of these children’s lives were saved.


(This is Michael. He was 6 here. Both of his parents died of AIDS and sadly Michael has died of AIDS. Michael’s tragic and short life has been a great inspiration for many people to work even harder to help the children at Kageno. We miss you Michael.)


When children’s bellies stick out like this they are not fat. Actually they are just the opposite. This is just one of the signs that show they are very very sick and do not have enough food. They are suffering from malnutrition.

In just a few years, AND with a lot of hard work from MANY people who cared, Kageno was built and was able to successfully begin many projects to help the children and the parents, and the environment of Rusinga Island. There is still a lot of different kinds work being done, but it is all well worth it because new and good things happen every day in and all around Kageno Kenya


This is when Kageno was being built.


These are fishermen who are laying on their nets. They are not from this village and have been fishing all night long. When they bring there catch to the land for processing, they just hang out on Kolunga Beach all during the day.


-The Kageno Center-


Plants were planted to help the environment, and they grew strong and fast....
Before Kageno was built, there were no plants left in this area because they were all cut and taken and used for fire wood to cook with.


Early on Kageno started teaching and caring for 80 aids orphans from this village. These were the children that were very sick. Some helped plant things at the center and were very happy to see how their plants grew.


The children became a little stronger, and a LOT happier.... and then more and more kids came to the Kageno center to learn....


NOW everyone at Kageno is VERY happy because we have finished building our new School !!!!!
It is called The Kageno Nursery School and we have officially opened and teach 200 children and are also able to give them 1 meal a day.



Here the children are eagerly waiting to get their meal. With out this, some would have nothing to eat.


Here is the school nurse giving everyone much needed medicines and checking their health.


WAY TO GO KAGENO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was just a little tour of Kageno Kenya, there is so many more good things to discover.... Please visit to see more.